Dutchman's Gold Honey

Dutchman's Gold Honey is pure, natural, non-pasteurized honey.  Every spoonful is the product of experienced  beekeepers’ hives. Honey is one of the few products in the world that never goes bad.  Would you believe that honey found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs was still edible after thousands of years! Honey is also well known for it's healing and many health benefits.

Some of the Dutchman's Gold Honey products your customers are able to choose from include:

  • Raw Honey (500g),
  • Creamed Honey (500g),
  • Honey Raspberry (250g),
  • Honey Cinnamon (250g),
  • Summer Blossom (330g),
  • Buckwheat Honey (500g)
  • Wildflower Honey (500g)

Expect to make 30% profit with the Honey Fundraiser.