Pine River Cheese

Are you looking for an easy-to-handle, motivational and profitable fundraising program? RICCO FUNDRAISING's Pine River Cheese program is the solution for you. Our formula will guarantee the support of your community and the interest of your volunteers, all of which will translate into motivated sellers, high profits, and endorsements of your future campaigns.

RICCO FUNDRAISING has selected only the most preferred cheese so it makes fundraising effortless.

Pine River Cheese was created back in 1885 on the banks of the Pine River, near the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario. One of the few remaining farmer's co-operatives, Pine River Cheese has been owned and operated by the dairy farmers of Bruce County for five generations and has built a reputation for their unique brand of high quality aged Cheddar Cheese.

Share the pleasures of great taste with our carefully selected assortments of quality cheese and gift boxes. These nutritious delicacies are individually packaged, sorted by the seller and ready to distribute for your convenience.


Cheese Products:


200g Bricks:   300g Bricks:
Mild Cheddar   Mild Cheddar                   
Medium Cheddar   Marble Cheddar
Marble   Medium Cheddar
Extra Old White Cheddar   Old Cheddar
Colby   Extra Old White Cheddar
Monterey Jack    
Onion Parsley  


Herb and Garlic    
Hot Pepper    
Old Cheddar    
Cheddar with Caramalized Onion    
Cheddar with Tomato & Basil Flavour    

Miscellaneous Cheese Products (not all may be Pine River products):

  • Yellow Cheese Curds (250g)
  • Mini Bonbels (6 x 21g)
  • Brie (125g)
  • Camembert (125g)

Please inquire about CHEESE GIFT BOXES !!